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///Don't Forget/// 
"TODAY IN MONTREAL AT HILTON HOTEL Bonaventure :Vernissage will be November 13th, 4 to 6 :15 pm"
For those intrested about _EmmanuelBriand"Tokyobanana", one of my last artwork will be there for you, so bye hope you're like it and have a good day,

My Participation_The Title is ///LES PETITS CHEFS///(translate:///THE SMALL CHIEFS///): 

Congratulations MIGS expose you !
Dear M. Briand ,

I’ve the pleasure to announce you that you’ve been select to attend the MIGS Art Gallery.
You artwork pleased our jury, congratulations.

The Futur.Unknown. vernissage will be November 13th, 4 to 6 :15 pm. Of course you are invited!

Thank you to pick up your badge before the vernissage at the permanent inscription desk at Hilton Bonaventure to get access to the show room.

Thank you for your interest for the MIGS’ Art Galery and congratulations!

We ask you to send me the title of your artwork and a brief description (between 50-75 words).

Marie-Pier Hamelin
Coordonnatrice logistique MIGS
MIGS Logistics coordinator
T :: (001) 514 848-7177
F :: (001) 514 848-7133

Alliance numérique
1450 City Councillors suite 800
Montréal (Québec) H3A 2E6
(Small description of me:
" I was born and raised in France in a small country close to Paris in Normandy west-west .I have two brothers and one sister, one of my brothers is my twin and my other brother and sister are twins too. I have drawn since my childhood, I think this passion begun when I decided to do the same draw several times to be sure that it corresponds to what was in my mind at this moment. My first "real" drawings was certainly my family in front of my house, or maybe a castle and a plane .After a few years I went to applied art school named " Ecole Pivaut" where I learn anatomy, perspective, sculpture and the various animation processes and techniques .I think that my family is what helped me the most to become what I am today .and the different little things in life I had to overcome till now.)

I first worked on a video clip for the alternative Rock band "Radiohead" with "No Brain" studio based in Paris , I was intern an employed after that . I also worked as teacher for handicap children classes, where I did animation classes. I worked on a TV show called "WAKFU" as background colorist, props designer and graphic-concept visual developer , and during this time I was published on a book with the title "How to art" , a book explaining how to use animation techniques , a kind of Help guide.

I was also published in a book about the series .I worked also as a lead background designer and colorist on a TV show named "Les mystérieuses citées d'or" (trans: The Mysterious cities of gold" to build a production process based on Adobe Flash application program .And I worked on a short film collaborating with a friend of mine , the short is directed by him .I directed videoclip with a studio composed by directors, named"SEZEN" we did several videoclip and Tv Channel spots and won recently The UK Music Video Award for IS TROPICAL"The Greeks" . And I'm currently working as a research & development artist for a TV Show."

Bye, I like you all.

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Blogger Sylvain Jézéquel said...

Bien joué mr cergypontoisefraisedesbois.
Bisou pitoune

November 16, 2012 at 10:01 AM  
Blogger Emmanuel Briand said...

Oh ça me fait trop plaisir de te "lire"

November 16, 2012 at 10:16 AM  

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