Tuesday, March 18, 2014

///RED & BLUE///

The pitch: RED and BLUE teach us to learn more. A minute-story based on a cultural fact, an institutional TV show to find out more about our human history, sciences and inventions Audience age: 5-8 Years old

Episode One: the invention of the cannon. The Battle of Crécy - France

Also impending:

Episode 2: How come planes can fly?, Episode3: How to make light using potatoes, Episode 4: How to cook a "Quiche Lorraine", Episode 5: The life and death cycle of a plant, Episode 6: Multiple Sclerosis , Episode7: How come boats can float? And many more...

Bye bye. Best regards Emmanuel Briand Emmanuel "tokyobanana" +33 66 64 94 38 7 ***MAIL: tokyobanana.briand@gmail.com *** BLOG:tokyobanana.blogspot.com UPDATES ON "Tokyobanana" *** INTERVIEW available on :emmanuel-briand-interview.blogspot.com

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